Post-run smoothies

I’ve been told time and time again about homemade smoothies and the nutritional goodness they provide in aiding recovery and replenishing calories.

Normally I struggle to eat straight after a long run, but I decide to take advice from those more experienced, and headed to the Riverside farmers’ market to make a healthy concoction from Cardiff’s home-grown fruit.

Riverside market was the perfect place to find a variety of fresh fruit for post-run replenishment. After chatting with several market stall owners about the benefits of many ingredients, I decided to make two different smoothies which aid recovery in very different ways.

Riverside market, in the shadow of the Millenium Stadium

Banana-berry mint smoothie 

This recipe is very simple to make and is packed with goodness. You can replace the fresh fruit that I used with frozen berries for a cheaper, quicker option.

Berry smoothie

Ingredients (makes two large glasses)
300g Berries
1 ½ Bananas
4-5 Fresh mint leaves
400ml Orange juice (I used homemade juice from a market stall but any brand will do)
1 tbsp Fat-free greek yoghurt

Blend all ingredients together using a hand blender or food processor.

Banana-berry mint smoothie ingredients

Why you should have it

The berries are low in fat and GI so great for steady energy release. The bananas and oranges are full of vitamin C which helps muscle recovery post-gym and the mint contains omega 3 fatty acids, which help your body process protein and prevents muscle deterioration.

Banana Almond shake ( this recipe is perfect after a very long run, and it could even be used on half marathon day)

Ingredients (makes 2 large glasses)
300ml Milk
50g Ground almonds
2tbsp Honey
1 ½ Bananas
3tbsp Fat-free greek yoghurt
2 drop Vanilla extract

Blend all ingredients together using a hand blender or food processor.

Banana almond shake

Why you should have it

The ground almonds contain muscle building protein and are rich in magnesium, which is good at relaxing and relieving stiff muscles. The yoghurt, besides being a good source of protein and calcium, is rich in B12, which is needed for muscle growth and appetite control. Honey contains quick-release carbs which helps the body refuel, and will also replenish reserves which have been depleted by exercise, speeding the recovery process and preventing fatigue.

Tip: for a lactose free smoothie replace the greek yoghurt and milk with almond milk.


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